Quantum Deep Learning for Mutant COVID-19 Strain Prediction

by   Yu-Xin Jin, et al.
Shanghai Jiao Tong University

New COVID-19 epidemic strains like Delta and Omicron with increased transmissibility and pathogenicity emerge and spread across the whole world rapidly while causing high mortality during the pandemic period. Early prediction of possible variants (especially spike protein) of COVID-19 epidemic strains based on available mutated SARS-CoV-2 RNA sequences may lead to early prevention and treatment. Here, combining the advantage of quantum and quantum-inspired algorithms with the wide application of deep learning, we propose a development tool named DeepQuantum, and use this software to realize the goal of predicting spike protein variation structure of COVID-19 epidemic strains. In addition, this hybrid quantum-classical model for the first time achieves quantum-inspired blur convolution similar to classical depthwise convolution and also successfully applies quantum progressive training with quantum circuits, both of which guarantee that our model is the quantum counterpart of the famous style-based GAN. The results state that the fidelities of random generating spike protein variation structure are always beyond 96 and converges better with multiple loss functions compared with the corresponding classical algorithm. At last, evidences that quantum-inspired algorithms promote the classical deep learning and hybrid models effectively predict the mutant strains are strong.


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