Readouts for Echo-state Networks Built using Locally Regularized Orthogonal Forward Regression

by   Ján Dolinský, et al.

Echo state network (ESN) is viewed as a temporal non-orthogonal expansion with pseudo-random parameters. Such expansions naturally give rise to regressors of various relevance to a teacher output. We illustrate that often only a certain amount of the generated echo-regressors effectively explain the variance of the teacher output and also that sole local regularization is not able to provide in-depth information concerning the importance of the generated regressors. The importance is therefore determined by a joint calculation of the individual variance contributions and Bayesian relevance using locally regularized orthogonal forward regression (LROFR) algorithm. This information can be advantageously used in a variety of ways for an in-depth analysis of an ESN structure and its state-space parameters in relation to the unknown dynamics of the underlying problem. We present locally regularized linear readout built using LROFR. The readout may have a different dimensionality than an ESN model itself, and besides improving robustness and accuracy of an ESN it relates the echo-regressors to different features of the training data and may determine what type of an additional readout is suitable for a task at hand. Moreover, as flexibility of the linear readout has limitations and might sometimes be insufficient for certain tasks, we also present a radial basis function (RBF) readout built using LROFR. It is a flexible and parsimonious readout with excellent generalization abilities and is a viable alternative to readouts based on a feed-forward neural network (FFNN) or an RBF net built using relevance vector machine (RVM).


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