Real-time Lane detection and Motion Planning in Raspberry Pi and Arduino for an Autonomous Vehicle Prototype

by   Alfa Rossi, et al.

This paper discusses a vehicle prototype that recognizes streets' lanes and plans its motion accordingly without any human input. Pi Camera 1.3 captures real-time video, which is then processed by Raspberry-Pi 3.0 Model B. The image processing algorithms are written in Python 3.7.4 with OpenCV 4.2. Arduino Uno is utilized to control the PID algorithm that controls the motor controller, which in turn controls the wheels. Algorithms that are used to detect the lanes are the Canny edge detection algorithm and Hough transformation. Elementary algebra is used to draw the detected lanes. After detection, the lanes are tracked using the Kalman filter prediction method. Then the midpoint of the two lanes is found, which is the initial steering direction. This initial steering direction is further smoothed by using the Past Accumulation Average Method and Kalman Filter Prediction Method. The prototype was tested in a controlled environment in real-time. Results from comprehensive testing suggest that this prototype can detect road lanes and plan its motion successfully.


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