Real-time policy generation and its application to robot grasping

by   Masoud Baghbahari, et al.

Real time applications such as robotic require real time actions based on the immediate available data. Machine learning and artificial intelligence rely on high volume of training informative data set to propose a comprehensive and useful model for later real time action. Our goal in this paper is to provide a solution for robot grasping as a real time application without the time and memory consuming pertaining phase. Grasping as one of the most important ability of human being is defined as a suitable configuration which depends on the perceived information from the object. For human being, the best results obtain when one incorporates the vision data such as the extracted edges and shape from the object into grasping task. Nevertheless, in robotics, vision will not suite for every situation. Another possibility to grasping is using the object shape information from its vicinity. Based on these Haptic information, similar to human being, one can propose different approaches to grasping which are called grasping policies. In this work, we are trying to introduce a real time policy which aims at keeping contact with the object during movement and alignment on it. First we state problem by system dynamic equation incorporated by the object constraint surface into dynamic equation. In next step, the suggested policy to accomplish the task in real time based on the available sensor information will be presented. The effectiveness of proposed approach will be evaluated by demonstration results.


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