Recalibrating the KITTI Dataset Camera Setup for Improved Odometry Accuracy

by   Igor Cvišić, et al.

Over the last decade, one of the most relevant public datasets for evaluating odometry accuracy is the KITTI dataset. Beside the quality and rich sensor setup, its success is also due to the online evaluation tool, which enables researchers to benchmark and compare algorithms. The results are evaluated on the test subset solely, without any knowledge about the ground truth, yielding unbiased, overfit free and therefore relevant validation for robot localization based on cameras, 3D laser or combination of both. However, as any sensor setup, it requires prior calibration and rectified stereo images are provided, introducing dependence on the default calibration parameters. Given that, a natural question arises if a better set of calibration parameters can be found that would yield higher odometry accuracy. In this paper, we propose a new approach for one shot calibration of the KITTI dataset multiple camera setup. The approach yields better calibration parameters, both in the sense of lower calibration reprojection errors and lower visual odometry error. We conducted experiments where we show for three different odometry algorithms, namely SOFT2, ORB-SLAM2 and VISO2, that odometry accuracy is significantly improved with the proposed calibration parameters. Moreover, our odometry, SOFT2, in conjunction with the proposed calibration method achieved the highest accuracy on the official KITTI scoreboard with 0.53 rotational error, outperforming even 3D laser-based methods.


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