RED-Attack: Resource Efficient Decision based Attack for Machine Learning

by   Faiq Khalid, et al.

Due to data dependency and model leakage properties, Deep Neural Networks (DNNs) exhibit several security vulnerabilities. Several security attacks exploited them but most of them require the output probability vector. These attacks can be mitigated by concealing the output probability vector. To address this limitation, decision-based attacks have been proposed which can estimate the model but they require several thousand queries to generate a single untargeted attack image. However, in real-time attacks, resources and attack time are very crucial parameters. Therefore, in resource-constrained systems, e.g., autonomous vehicles where an untargeted attack can have a catastrophic effect, these attacks may not work efficiently. To address this limitation, we propose a resource efficient decision-based methodology which generates the imperceptible attack, i.e., the RED-Attack, for a given black-box model. The proposed methodology follows two main steps to generate the imperceptible attack, i.e., classification boundary estimation and adversarial noise optimization. Firstly, we propose a half-interval search-based algorithm for estimating a sample on the classification boundary using a target image and a randomly selected image from another class. Secondly, we propose an optimization algorithm which first, introduces a small perturbation in some randomly selected pixels of the estimated sample. Then to ensure imperceptibility, it optimizes the distance between the perturbed and target samples. For illustration, we evaluate it for CFAR-10 and German Traffic Sign Recognition (GTSR) using state-of-the-art networks.


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