Reducing Gaze Distraction for Real-time Vibration Monitoring Using Augmented Reality

by   Elijah Wyckoff, et al.

Operators want to maintain awareness of the structure being tested while observing sensor data. Normally the human's gaze shifts to a separate device or screen during the experiment for data information, missing the structure's physical response. The human-computer interaction provides valuable data and information but separates the human from the reality. The sensor data does not collect experiment safety, quality, and other contextual information of critical value to the operator. To solve this problem, this research provides humans with real-time information about vibrations using an Augmented Reality (AR) application. An application is developed to augment sensor data on top of the area of interest, which allows the user to perceive real-time changes that the data may not warn of. This paper presents the results of an experiment that show how AR can provide a channel for direct sensor feedback while increasing awareness of reality. In the experiment a researcher attempts to closely follow a moving sensor with their own sensor while observing the moving sensor's data with and without AR. The results of the reported experiment indicate that augmenting the information collected from sensors in real-time narrows the operator's focus to the structure of interest for more efficient and informed experimentation.


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