Reference-based Defect Detection Network

by   Zhaoyang Zeng, et al.

The defect detection task can be regarded as a realistic scenario of object detection in the computer vision field and it is widely used in the industrial field. Directly applying vanilla object detector to defect detection task can achieve promising results, while there still exists challenging issues that have not been solved. The first issue is the texture shift which means a trained defect detector model will be easily affected by unseen texture, and the second issue is partial visual confusion which indicates that a partial defect box is visually similar with a complete box. To tackle these two problems, we propose a Reference-based Defect Detection Network (RDDN). Specifically, we introduce template reference and context reference to against those two problems, respectively. Template reference can reduce the texture shift from image, feature or region levels, and encourage the detectors to focus more on the defective area as a result. We can use either well-aligned template images or the outputs of a pseudo template generator as template references in this work, and they are jointly trained with detectors by the supervision of normal samples. To solve the partial visual confusion issue, we propose to leverage the carried context information of context reference, which is the concentric bigger box of each region proposal, to perform more accurate region classification and regression. Experiments on two defect detection datasets demonstrate the effectiveness of our proposed approach.


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