Reinforced MOOCs Concept Recommendation in Heterogeneous Information Networks

by   Jibing Gong, et al.

Massive open online courses (MOOCs), which provide a large-scale interactive participation and open access via the web, are becoming a modish way for online and distance education. To help users have a better study experience, many MOOC platforms have provided the services of recommending courses to users. However, we argue that directly recommending a course to users will ignore the expertise levels of different users. To fill this gap, this paper studies the problem of concept recommendation in a more fine-grained view. We propose a novel Heterogeneous Information Networks based Concept Recommender with Reinforcement Learning (HinCRec-RL) incorporated for concept recommendation in MOOCs. Specifically, we first formulate the concept recommendation in MOOCs as a reinforcement learning problem to better model the dynamic interaction among users and knowledge concepts. In addition, to mitigate the data sparsity issue which also exists in many other recommendation tasks, we consider a heterogeneous information network (HIN) among users, courses, videos and concepts, to better learn the semantic representation of users. In particular, we use the meta-paths on HIN to guide the propagation of users' preferences and propose a heterogeneous graph attention network to represent the meta-paths. To validate the effectiveness of our proposed approach, we conduct comprehensive experiments on a real-world dataset from XuetangX, a popular MOOC platform from China. The promising results show that our proposed approach can outperform other baselines.


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