Reinforcement learning based parameters adaption method for particle swarm optimization

by   Yin ShiYuan, et al.

Particle swarm optimization (PSO) is a well-known optimization algorithm that shows good performance in solving different optimization problems. However, PSO usually suffers from slow convergence. In this article, a reinforcement learning-based online parameters adaption method(RLAM) is developed to enhance PSO in convergence by designing a network to control the coefficients of PSO. Moreover, based on RLAM, a new RLPSO is designed. In order to investigate the performance of RLAM and RLPSO, experiments on 28 CEC 2013 benchmark functions are carried out when comparing with other online adaption method and PSO variants. The reported computational results show that the proposed RLAM is efficient and effictive and that the the proposed RLPSO is more superior compared with several state-of-the-art PSO variants.


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