Reinforcement Learning from Demonstrations by Novel Interactive Expert and Application to Automatic Berthing Control Systems for Unmanned Surface Vessel

by   Haoran Zhang, et al.

In this paper, two novel practical methods of Reinforcement Learning from Demonstration (RLfD) are developed and applied to automatic berthing control systems for Unmanned Surface Vessel. A new expert data generation method, called Model Predictive Based Expert (MPBE) which combines Model Predictive Control and Deep Deterministic Policy Gradient, is developed to provide high quality supervision data for RLfD algorithms. A straightforward RLfD method, model predictive Deep Deterministic Policy Gradient (MP-DDPG), is firstly introduced by replacing the RL agent with MPBE to directly interact with the environment. Then distribution mismatch problem is analyzed for MP-DDPG, and two techniques that alleviate distribution mismatch are proposed. Furthermore, another novel RLfD algorithm based on the MP-DDPG, called Self-Guided Actor-Critic (SGAC) is present, which can effectively leverage MPBE by continuously querying it to generate high quality expert data online. The distribution mismatch problem leading to unstable learning process is addressed by SGAC in a DAgger manner. In addition, theoretical analysis is given to prove that SGAC algorithm can converge with guaranteed monotonic improvement. Simulation results verify the effectiveness of MP-DDPG and SGAC to accomplish the ship berthing control task, and show advantages of SGAC comparing with other typical reinforcement learning algorithms and MP-DDPG.


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