Relaxed Conditional Image Transfer for Semi-supervised Domain Adaptation

by   Qijun Luo, et al.

Semi-supervised domain adaptation (SSDA), which aims to learn models in a partially labeled target domain with the assistance of the fully labeled source domain, attracts increasing attention in recent years. To explicitly leverage the labeled data in both domains, we naturally introduce a conditional GAN framework to transfer images without changing the semantics in SSDA. However, we identify a label-domination problem in such an approach. In fact, the generator tends to overlook the input source image and only memorizes prototypes of each class, which results in unsatisfactory adaptation performance. To this end, we propose a simple yet effective Relaxed conditional GAN (Relaxed cGAN) framework. Specifically, we feed the image without its label to our generator. In this way, the generator has to infer the semantic information of input data. We formally prove that its equilibrium is desirable and empirically validate its practical convergence and effectiveness in image transfer. Additionally, we propose several techniques to make use of unlabeled data in the target domain, enhancing the model in SSDA settings. We validate our method on the well-adopted datasets: Digits, DomainNet, and Office-Home. We achieve state-of-the-art performance on DomainNet, Office-Home and most digit benchmarks in low-resource and high-resource settings.


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