Reshaping consumption habits by exploiting energy-related micro-moment recommendations: A case study

by   Christos Sardianos, et al.

The environmental change and its effects, caused by human influences and natural ecological processes over the last decade, prove that it is now more prudent than ever to transition to more sustainable models of energy consumption behaviors. User energy consumption is inductively derived from the time-to-time standards of living that shape the user's everyday consumption habits. This work builds on the detection of repeated usage consumption patterns from consumption logs. It presents the structure and operation of an energy consumption reduction system, which employs a set of sensors, smart-meters and actuators in an office environment and targets specific user habits. Using our previous research findings on the value of energy-related micro-moment recommendations, the implemented system is an integrated solution that avoids unnecessary energy consumption. With the use of a messaging API, the system recommends to the user the proper energy saving action at the right moment and gradually shapes user's habits. The solution has been implemented on the Home Assistant open source platform, which allows the definition of automations for controlling the office equipment. Experimental evaluation with several scenarios shows that the system manages first to reduce energy consumption, and second, to trigger users' actions that could potentially urge them to more sustainable energy consumption habits.


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