Revisit Multinomial Logistic Regression in Deep Learning: Data Dependent Model Initialization for Image Recognition

by   Bowen Cheng, et al.

We study in this paper how to initialize the parameters of multinomial logistic regression (a fully connected layer followed with softmax and cross entropy loss), which is widely used in deep neural network (DNN) models for classification problems. As logistic regression is widely known not having a closed-form solution, it is usually randomly initialized, leading to several deficiencies especially in transfer learning where all the layers except for the last task-specific layer are initialized using a pre-trained model. The deficiencies include slow convergence speed, possibility of stuck in local minimum, and the risk of over-fitting. To address those deficiencies, we first study the properties of logistic regression and propose a closed-form approximate solution named regularized Gaussian classifier (RGC). Then we adopt this approximate solution to initialize the task-specific linear layer and demonstrate superior performance over random initialization in terms of both accuracy and convergence speed on various tasks and datasets. For example, for image classification, our approach can reduce the training time by 10 times and achieve 3.2 detection, our approach can also be 10 times faster in training for the same accuracy, or 5 training.


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