Robust Realized Integrated Beta Estimator with Application to Dynamic Analysis of Integrated Beta

by   Minseog Oh, et al.

In this paper, we develop a robust non-parametric realized integrated beta estimator using high-frequency financial data contaminated by microstructure noises, which is robust to the stylized features, such as the time-varying beta and the dependence structure of microstructure noises. With this robust realized integrated beta estimator, we investigate dynamic structures of integrated betas and find an auto-regressive–moving-average (ARMA) structure. To model this dynamic structure, we utilize the ARMA model for daily integrated market betas. We call this the dynamic realized beta (DR Beta). We further introduce a high-frequency data generating process by filling the gap between the high-frequency-based non-parametric estimator and low-frequency dynamic structure. Then, we propose a quasi-likelihood procedure for estimating the model parameters with the robust realized integrated beta estimator as the proxy. We also establish asymptotic theorems for the proposed estimator and conduct a simulation study to check the performance of finite samples of the estimator. The empirical study with the S P 500 index and the top 50 large trading volume stocks from the S P 500 illustrates that the proposed DR Beta model with the robust realized beta estimator effectively accounts for dynamics in the market beta of individual stocks and better predicts future market betas.


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