Rotational Slippage Prediction from Segmentation of Tactile Images

by   Julio Castaño-Amoros, et al.

Adding tactile sensors to a robotic system is becoming a common practice to achieve more complex manipulation skills than those robotics systems that only use external cameras to manipulate objects. The key of tactile sensors is that they provide extra information about the physical properties of the grasping. In this paper, we implemented a system to predict and quantify the rotational slippage of objects in hand using the vision-based tactile sensor known as Digit. Our system comprises a neural network that obtains the segmented contact region (object-sensor), to later calculate the slippage rotation angle from this region using a thinning algorithm. Besides, we created our own tactile segmentation dataset, which is the first one in the literature as far as we are concerned, to train and evaluate our neural network, obtaining results of 95 and 91 able to predict rotational slippage with a maximum mean rotational error of 3 degrees with previously unseen objects. Thus, our system can be used to prevent an object from falling due to its slippage.


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