S2C2 - An orthogonal method for Semi-Supervised Learning on fuzzy labels

by   Lars Schmarje, et al.

Semi-Supervised Learning (SSL) can decrease the amount of required labeled image data and thus the cost for deep learning. Most SSL methods only consider a clear distinction between classes but in many real-world datasets, this clear distinction is not given due to intra- or interobserver variability. This variability can lead to different annotations per image. Thus many images have ambiguous annotations and their label needs to be considered "fuzzy". This fuzziness of labels must be addressed as it will limit the performance of Semi-Supervised Learning (SSL) and deep learning in general. We propose Semi-Supervised Classification Clustering (S2C2) which can extend many deep SSL algorithms. S2C2 can estimate the fuzziness of a label and applies SSL as a classification to certainly labeled data while creating distinct clusters for images with similar but fuzzy labels. We show that S2C2 results in median 7.4 better F1-score for classifications and 5.4 across multiple SSL algorithms and datasets while being more interpretable due to the fuzziness estimation of our method. Overall, a combination of Semi-Supervised Learning with our method S2C2 leads to better handling of the fuzziness of labels and thus real-world datasets.


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