SAT: Improving Semi-Supervised Text Classification with Simple Instance-Adaptive Self-Training

by   Hui Chen, et al.
Singapore University of Technology and Design

Self-training methods have been explored in recent years and have exhibited great performance in improving semi-supervised learning. This work presents a Simple instance-Adaptive self-Training method (SAT) for semi-supervised text classification. SAT first generates two augmented views for each unlabeled data and then trains a meta-learner to automatically identify the relative strength of augmentations based on the similarity between the original view and the augmented views. The weakly-augmented view is fed to the model to produce a pseudo-label and the strongly-augmented view is used to train the model to predict the same pseudo-label. We conducted extensive experiments and analyses on three text classification datasets and found that with varying sizes of labeled training data, SAT consistently shows competitive performance compared to existing semi-supervised learning methods. Our code can be found at <>.


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