Scalable, Distributed AI Frameworks: Leveraging Cloud Computing for Enhanced Deep Learning Performance and Efficiency

by   Neelesh Mungoli, et al.

In recent years, the integration of artificial intelligence (AI) and cloud computing has emerged as a promising avenue for addressing the growing computational demands of AI applications. This paper presents a comprehensive study of scalable, distributed AI frameworks leveraging cloud computing for enhanced deep learning performance and efficiency. We first provide an overview of popular AI frameworks and cloud services, highlighting their respective strengths and weaknesses. Next, we delve into the critical aspects of data storage and management in cloud-based AI systems, discussing data preprocessing, feature engineering, privacy, and security. We then explore parallel and distributed training techniques for AI models, focusing on model partitioning, communication strategies, and cloud-based training architectures. In subsequent chapters, we discuss optimization strategies for AI workloads in the cloud, covering load balancing, resource allocation, auto-scaling, and performance benchmarking. We also examine AI model deployment and serving in the cloud, outlining containerization, serverless deployment options, and monitoring best practices. To ensure the cost-effectiveness of cloud-based AI solutions, we present a thorough analysis of costs, optimization strategies, and case studies showcasing successful deployments. Finally, we summarize the key findings of this study, discuss the challenges and limitations of cloud-based AI, and identify emerging trends and future research opportunities in the field.


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