Scalable Temporal Localization of Sensitive Activities in Movies and TV Episodes

by   Xiang Hao, et al.

To help customers make better-informed viewing choices, video-streaming services try to moderate their content and provide more visibility into which portions of their movies and TV episodes contain age-appropriate material (e.g., nudity, sex, violence, or drug-use). Supervised models to localize these sensitive activities require large amounts of clip-level labeled data which is hard to obtain, while weakly-supervised models to this end usually do not offer competitive accuracy. To address this challenge, we propose a novel Coarse2Fine network designed to make use of readily obtainable video-level weak labels in conjunction with sparse clip-level labels of age-appropriate activities. Our model aggregates frame-level predictions to make video-level classifications and is therefore able to leverage sparse clip-level labels along with video-level labels. Furthermore, by performing frame-level predictions in a hierarchical manner, our approach is able to overcome the label-imbalance problem caused due to the rare-occurrence nature of age-appropriate content. We present comparative results of our approach using 41,234 movies and TV episodes ( 3 years of video-content) from 521 sub-genres and 250 countries making it by far the largest-scale empirical analysis of age-appropriate activity localization in long-form videos ever published. Our approach offers 107.2 relative mAP improvement (from 5.5 activity-localization approaches.


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