Scientific Article Recommendation: Exploiting Common Author Relations and Historical Preferences

by   Feng Xia, et al.

Scientific article recommender systems are playing an increasingly important role for researchers in retrieving scientific articles of interest in the coming era of big scholarly data. Most existing studies have designed unified methods for all target researchers and hence the same algorithms are run to generate recommendations for all researchers no matter which situations they are in. However, different researchers may have their own features and there might be corresponding methods for them resulting in better recommendations. In this paper, we propose a novel recommendation method which incorporates information on common author relations between articles (i.e., two articles with the same author(s)). The rationale underlying our method is that researchers often search articles published by the same author(s). Since not all researchers have such author-based search patterns, we present two features, which are defined based on information about pairwise articles with common author relations and frequently appeared authors, to determine target researchers for recommendation. Extensive experiments we performed on a real-world dataset demonstrate that the defined features are effective to determine relevant target researchers and the proposed method generates more accurate recommendations for relevant researchers when compared to a Baseline method.


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