Selection Heuristics on Semantic Genetic Programming for Classification Problems

by   Claudia N. Sánchez, et al.

In a steady-state evolution, tournament selection traditionally uses the fitness function to select the parents, and negative selection chooses an individual to be replaced with an offspring. This contribution focuses on analyzing the behavior, in terms of performance, of different heuristics when used instead of the fitness function in tournament selection. The heuristics analyzed are related to measuring the similarity of the individuals in the semantic space. In addition, the analysis includes random selection and traditional tournament selection. These selection functions were implemented on our Semantic Genetic Programming system, namely EvoDAG, which is inspired by the geometric genetic operators and tested on 30 classification problems with a variable number of samples, variables, and classes. The result indicated that the combination of accuracy and the random selection, in the negative tournament, produces the best combination, and the difference in performances between this combination and the tournament selection is statistically significant. Furthermore, we compare EvoDAG's performance using the selection heuristics against 18 classifiers that included traditional approaches as well as auto-machine-learning techniques. The results indicate that our proposal is competitive with state-of-art classifiers. Finally, it is worth to mention that EvoDAG is available as open source software.


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