SL Sensor: An Open-Source, ROS-Based, Real-Time Structured Light Sensor for High Accuracy Construction Robotic Applications

by   Teng Foong Lam, et al.

High accuracy 3D surface information is required for many construction robotics tasks such as automated cement polishing or robotic plaster spraying. However, consumer-grade depth cameras currently found in the market are not accurate enough for these tasks where millimeter (mm)-level accuracy is required. We present SL Sensor, a structured light sensing solution capable of producing high fidelity point clouds at 5Hz by leveraging on phase shifting profilometry (PSP) codification techniques. We compared SL Sensor to two commercial depth cameras - the Azure Kinect and RealSense L515. Experiments showed that the SL Sensor surpasses the two devices in both precision and accuracy. Furthermore, to demonstrate SL Sensor's ability to be a structured light sensing research platform for robotic applications, we developed a motion compensation strategy that allows the SL Sensor to operate during linear motion when traditional PSP methods only work when the sensor is static. Field experiments show that the SL Sensor is able produce highly detailed reconstructions of spray plastered surfaces. The software and a sample hardware build of the SL Sensor are made open-source with the objective to make structured light sensing more accessible to the construction robotics community. All documentation and code is available at .


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