Smart filter aided domain adversarial neural network: An unsupervised domain adaptation method for fault diagnosis in noisy industrial scenarios

by   Baorui Dai, et al.

The application of unsupervised domain adaptation (UDA)-based fault diagnosis methods has shown significant efficacy in industrial settings, facilitating the transfer of operational experience and fault signatures between different operating conditions, different units of a fleet or between simulated and real data. However, in real industrial scenarios, unknown levels and types of noise can amplify the difficulty of domain alignment, thus severely affecting the diagnostic performance of deep learning models. To address this issue, we propose an UDA method called Smart Filter-Aided Domain Adversarial Neural Network (SFDANN) for fault diagnosis in noisy industrial scenarios. The proposed methodology comprises two steps. In the first step, we develop a smart filter that dynamically enforces similarity between the source and target domain data in the time-frequency domain. This is achieved by combining a learnable wavelet packet transform network (LWPT) and a traditional wavelet packet transform module. In the second step, we input the data reconstructed by the smart filter into a domain adversarial neural network (DANN). To learn domain-invariant and discriminative features, the learnable modules of SFDANN are trained in a unified manner with three objectives: time-frequency feature proximity, domain alignment, and fault classification. We validate the effectiveness of the proposed SFDANN method based on two fault diagnosis cases: one involving fault diagnosis of bearings in noisy environments and another involving fault diagnosis of slab tracks in a train-track-bridge coupling vibration system, where the transfer task involves transferring from numerical simulations to field measurements. Results show that compared to other representative state of the art UDA methods, SFDANN exhibits superior performance and remarkable stability.


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