Spatial-temporal associations representation and application for process monitoring using graph convolution neural network

by   Hao Ren, et al.

Industrial process data reflects the dynamic changes of operation conditions, which mainly refer to the irregular changes in the dynamic associations between different variables in different time. And this related associations knowledge for process monitoring is often implicit in these dynamic monitoring data which always have richer operation condition information and have not been paid enough attention in current research. To this end, a new process monitoring method based on spatial-based graph convolution neural network (SGCN) is proposed to describe the characteristics of the dynamic associations which can be used to represent the operation status over time. Spatia-temporal graphs are firstly defined, which can be used to represent the characteristics of node attributes (dynamic edge features) dynamically changing with time. Then, the associations between monitoring variables at a certain time can be considered as the node attributes to define a snapshot of the static graph network at the certain time. Finally, the snapshot containing graph structure and node attributes is used as model inputs which are processed to implement graph classification by spatial-based convolution graph neural network with aggregate and readout steps. The feasibility and applicability of this proposed method are demonstrated by our experimental results of benchmark and practical case application.


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