Speck: A Smart event-based Vision Sensor with a low latency 327K Neuron Convolutional Neuronal Network Processing Pipeline

by   Ole Richter, et al.

Edge computing solutions that enable the extraction of high level information from a variety of sensors is in increasingly high demand. This is due to the increasing number of smart devices that require sensory processing for their application on the edge. To tackle this problem, we present a smart vision sensor System on Chip (Soc), featuring an event-based camera and a low power asynchronous spiking Convolutional Neuronal Network (sCNN) computing architecture embedded on a single chip. By combining both sensor and processing on a single die, we can lower unit production costs significantly. Moreover, the simple end-to-end nature of the SoC facilitates small stand-alone applications as well as functioning as an edge node in a larger systems. The event-driven nature of the vision sensor delivers high-speed signals in a sparse data stream. This is reflected in the processing pipeline, focuses on optimising highly sparse computation and minimising latency for 9 sCNN layers to 3.36μ s. Overall, this results in an extremely low-latency visual processing pipeline deployed on a small form factor with a low energy budget and sensor cost. We present the asynchronous architecture, the individual blocks, the sCNN processing principle and benchmark against other sCNN capable processors.


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