Speculative Buffer Overflows: Attacks and Defenses

by   Vladimir Kiriansky, et al.

Practical attacks that exploit speculative execution can leak confidential information via microarchitectural side channels. The recently-demonstrated Spectre attacks leverage speculative loads which circumvent access checks to read memory-resident secrets, transmitting them to an attacker using cache timing or other covert communication channels. We introduce Spectre1.1, a new Spectre-v1 variant that leverages speculative stores to create speculative buffer overflows. Much like classic buffer overflows, speculative out-of-bounds stores can modify data and code pointers. Data-value attacks can bypass some Spectre-v1 mitigations, either directly or by redirecting control flow. Control-flow attacks enable arbitrary speculative code execution, which can bypass fence instructions and all other software mitigations for previous speculative-execution attacks. It is easy to construct return-oriented-programming (ROP) gadgets that can be used to build alternative attack payloads. We also present Spectre1.2: on CPUs that do not enforce read/write protections, speculative stores can overwrite read-only data and code pointers to breach sandboxes. We highlight new risks posed by these vulnerabilities, discuss possible software mitigations, and sketch microarchitectural mechanisms that could serve as hardware defenses. We have not yet evaluated the performance impact of our proposed software and hardware mitigations. We describe the salient vulnerability features and additional hypothetical attack scenarios only to the detail necessary to guide hardware and software vendors in threat analysis and mitigations. We advise users to refer to more user-friendly vendor recommendations for mitigations against speculative buffer overflows or available patches.


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