Stylized Data-to-Text Generation: A Case Study in the E-Commerce Domain

by   Liqiang Jing, et al.

Existing data-to-text generation efforts mainly focus on generating a coherent text from non-linguistic input data, such as tables and attribute-value pairs, but overlook that different application scenarios may require texts of different styles. Inspired by this, we define a new task, namely stylized data-to-text generation, whose aim is to generate coherent text for the given non-linguistic data according to a specific style. This task is non-trivial, due to three challenges: the logic of the generated text, unstructured style reference, and biased training samples. To address these challenges, we propose a novel stylized data-to-text generation model, named StyleD2T, comprising three components: logic planning-enhanced data embedding, mask-based style embedding, and unbiased stylized text generation. In the first component, we introduce a graph-guided logic planner for attribute organization to ensure the logic of generated text. In the second component, we devise feature-level mask-based style embedding to extract the essential style signal from the given unstructured style reference. In the last one, pseudo triplet augmentation is utilized to achieve unbiased text generation, and a multi-condition based confidence assignment function is designed to ensure the quality of pseudo samples. Extensive experiments on a newly collected dataset from Taobao have been conducted, and the results show the superiority of our model over existing methods.


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