Super-resolution-based Change Detection Network with Stacked Attention Module for Images with Different Resolutions

by   Mengxi Liu, et al.

Change detection, which aims to distinguish surface changes based on bi-temporal images, plays a vital role in ecological protection and urban planning. Since high resolution (HR) images cannot be typically acquired continuously over time, bi-temporal images with different resolutions are often adopted for change detection in practical applications. Traditional subpixel-based methods for change detection using images with different resolutions may lead to substantial error accumulation when HR images are employed; this is because of intraclass heterogeneity and interclass similarity. Therefore, it is necessary to develop a novel method for change detection using images with different resolutions, that is more suitable for HR images. To this end, we propose a super-resolution-based change detection network (SRCDNet) with a stacked attention module. The SRCDNet employs a super resolution (SR) module containing a generator and a discriminator to directly learn SR images through adversarial learning and overcome the resolution difference between bi-temporal images. To enhance the useful information in multi-scale features, a stacked attention module consisting of five convolutional block attention modules (CBAMs) is integrated to the feature extractor. The final change map is obtained through a metric learning-based change decision module, wherein a distance map between bi-temporal features is calculated. The experimental results demonstrate the superiority of the proposed method, which not only outperforms all baselines -with the highest F1 scores of 87.40 change detection dataset -but also obtains the best accuracies on experiments performed with images having a 4x and 8x resolution difference. The source code of SRCDNet will be available at


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