Synergizing Domain Expertise with Self-Awareness in Software Systems: A Patternized Architecture Guideline

by   Tao Chen, et al.

Architectural patterns provide a reusable architectural solution for commonly recurring problems that can assist in designing software systems. In this regard, self-awareness architectural patterns are specialized patterns that leverage good engineering practices and experiences to help in designing self-awareness and self-adaptation of a software system. However, domain knowledge and engineers' expertise that is built over time are not explicitly linked to these patterns and the self-aware process. This linkage is important, as it can enrich the design patterns of these systems, which consequently leads to more effective and efficient self-aware and self-adaptive behaviours. This paper is an introductory work that highlights the importance of synergizing domain expertise into the self-awareness in software systems, relying on well-defined underlying approaches. In particular, we present a holistic framework that classifies widely known representations used to obtain and maintain the domain expertise, documenting their nature and specifics rules that permits different levels of synergies with self-awareness. Drawing on such, we describe mechanisms that can enrich existing patterns with engineers' expertise and knowledge of the domain. This, together with the framework, allow us to codify an intuitive step-by-step methodology that guides engineer in making design decisions when synergizing domain expertise into self-awareness and reveal their importances, in an attempt to keep 'engineers-in-the-loop'. Through three case studies, we demonstrate how the enriched patterns, the proposed framework and methodology can be applied in different domains, within which we quantitatively compare the actual benefits of incorporating engineers' expertise into self-awareness, at alternative levels of synergies.


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