The Effect of News Article Quality on Ad Consumption

by   Kojiro Iizuka, et al.

Practical news feed platforms generate a hybrid list of news articles and advertising items (e.g., products, services, or information) and many platforms optimize the position of news articles and advertisements independently. However, they should be arranged with careful consideration of each other, as we show in this study, since user behaviors toward advertisements are significantly affected by the news articles. This paper investigates the effect of news articles on users' ad consumption and shows the dependency between news and ad effectiveness. We conducted a service log analysis and showed that sessions with high-quality news article exposure had more ad consumption than those with low-quality news article exposure. Based on this result, we hypothesized that exposure to high-quality articles will lead to a high ad consumption rate. Thus, we conducted million-scale A/B testing to investigate the effect of high-quality articles on ad consumption, in which we prioritized high-quality articles in the ranking for the treatment group. The A/B test showed that the treatment group's ad consumption, such as the number of clicks, conversions, and sales, increased significantly while the number of article clicks decreased. We also found that users who prefer a social or economic topic had more ad consumption by stratified analysis. These insights regarding news articles and advertisements will help optimize news and ad effectiveness in rankings considering their mutual influence.


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