Toward a Mapping of Capability and Skill Models using Asset Administration Shells and Ontologies

In order to react efficiently to changes in production, resources and their functions must be integrated into plants in accordance with the plug and produce principle. In this context, research on so-called capabilities and skills has shown promise. However, there are currently two incompatible approaches to modeling capabilities and skills. On the one hand, formal descriptions using ontologies have been developed. On the other hand, there are efforts to standardize submodels of the Asset Administration Shell (AAS) for this purpose. In this paper, we present ongoing research to connect these two incompatible modeling approaches. Both models are analyzed to identify comparable as well as dissimilar model elements. Subsequently, we present a concept for a bidirectional mapping between AAS submodels and a capability and skill ontology. For this purpose, two unidirectional, declarative mappings are applied that implement transformations from one modeling approach to the other - and vice versa.


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