Towards Robust Low-Resource Fine-Tuning with Multi-View Compressed Representations

by   Linlin Liu, et al.
Alibaba Group
Nanyang Technological University

Due to the huge amount of parameters, fine-tuning of pretrained language models (PLMs) is prone to overfitting in the low resource scenarios. In this work, we present a novel method that operates on the hidden representations of a PLM to reduce overfitting. During fine-tuning, our method inserts random autoencoders between the hidden layers of a PLM, which transform activations from the previous layers into a multi-view compressed representation before feeding it into the upper layers. The autoencoders are plugged out after fine-tuning, so our method does not add extra parameters or increase computation cost during inference. Our method demonstrates promising performance improvement across a wide range of sequence- and token-level low-resource NLP tasks.


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