Training Deep Neural Networks Without Batch Normalization

by   Divya Gaur, et al.

Training neural networks is an optimization problem, and finding a decent set of parameters through gradient descent can be a difficult task. A host of techniques has been developed to aid this process before and during the training phase. One of the most important and widely used class of method is normalization. It is generally favorable for neurons to receive inputs that are distributed with zero mean and unit variance, so we use statistics about dataset to normalize them before the first layer. However, this property cannot be guaranteed for the intermediate activations inside the network. A widely used method to enforce this property inside the network is batch normalization. It was developed to combat covariate shift inside networks. Empirically it is known to work, but there is a lack of theoretical understanding about its effectiveness and potential drawbacks it might have when used in practice. This work studies batch normalization in detail, while comparing it with other methods such as weight normalization, gradient clipping and dropout. The main purpose of this work is to determine if it is possible to train networks effectively when batch normalization is removed through adaption of the training process.


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