Transfer Learning with Deep Convolutional Neural Network (CNN) for Pneumonia Detection using Chest X-ray

by   Tawsifur Rahman, et al.

Pneumonia is a life-threatening disease, which occurs in the lungs caused by either bacterial or viral infection. It can be life-endangering if not acted upon in the right time and thus an early diagnosis of pneumonia is vital. The aim of this paper is to automatically detect bacterial and viral pneumonia using digital x-ray images. It provides a detailed report on advances made in making accurate detection of pneumonia and then presents the methodology adopted by the authors. Four different pre-trained deep Convolutional Neural Network (CNN)- AlexNet, ResNet18, DenseNet201, and SqueezeNet were used for transfer learning. 5247 Bacterial, viral and normal chest x-rays images underwent preprocessing techniques and the modified images were trained for the transfer learning based classification task. In this work, the authors have reported three schemes of classifications: normal vs pneumonia, bacterial vs viral pneumonia and normal, bacterial and viral pneumonia. The classification accuracy of normal and pneumonia images, bacterial and viral pneumonia images, and normal, bacterial and viral pneumonia were 98 respectively. This is the highest accuracy in any scheme than the accuracies reported in the literature. Therefore, the proposed study can be useful in faster-diagnosing pneumonia by the radiologist and can help in the fast airport screening of pneumonia patients.


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