Understand me, if you refer to Aspect Knowledge: Knowledge-aware Gated Recurrent Memory Network

by   Bowen Xing, et al.

Aspect-level sentiment classification (ASC) aims to predict the fine-grained sentiment polarity towards a given aspect mentioned in a review. Despite recent advances in ASC, enabling machines to preciously infer aspect sentiments is still challenging. This paper tackles two challenges in ASC: (1) due to lack of aspect knowledge, aspect representation derived in prior works is inadequate to represent aspect's exact meaning and property information; (2) prior works only capture either local syntactic information or global relational information, thus missing either one of them leads to insufficient syntactic information. To tackle these challenges, we propose a novel ASC model which not only end-to-end embeds and leverages aspect knowledge but also marries the two kinds of syntactic information and lets them compensate for each other. Our model includes three key components: (1) a knowledge-aware gated recurrent memory network recurrently integrates dynamically summarized aspect knowledge; (2) a dual syntax graph network combines both kinds of syntactic information to comprehensively capture sufficient syntactic information; (3) a knowledge integrating gate re-enhances the final representation with further needed aspect knowledge; (4) an aspect-to-context attention mechanism aggregates the aspect-related semantics from all hidden states into the final representation. Experimental results on several benchmark datasets demonstrate the effectiveness of our model, which overpass previous state-of-the-art models by large margins in terms of both Accuracy and Macro-F1.


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