Understanding, Categorizing and Predicting Semantic Image-Text Relations

by   Christian Otto, et al.

Two modalities are often used to convey information in a complementary and beneficial manner, e.g., in online news, videos, educational resources, or scientific publications. The automatic understanding of semantic correlations between text and associated images as well as their interplay has a great potential for enhanced multimodal web search and recommender systems. However, automatic understanding of multimodal information is still an unsolved research problem. Recent approaches such as image captioning focus on precisely describing visual content and translating it to text, but typically address neither semantic interpretations nor the specific role or purpose of an image-text constellation. In this paper, we go beyond previous work and investigate, inspired by research in visual communication, useful semantic image-text relations for multimodal information retrieval. We derive a categorization of eight semantic image-text classes (e.g., "illustration" or "anchorage") and show how they can systematically be characterized by a set of three metrics: cross-modal mutual information, semantic correlation, and the status relation of image and text. Furthermore, we present a deep learning system to predict these classes by utilizing multimodal embeddings. To obtain a sufficiently large amount of training data, we have automatically collected and augmented data from a variety of data sets and web resources, which enables future research on this topic. Experimental results on a demanding test set demonstrate the feasibility of the approach.


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