Unlocking Temporal Question Answering for Large Language Models Using Code Execution

by   Xingxuan Li, et al.
National University of Singapore
Alibaba Group
Nanyang Technological University

Large language models (LLMs) have made significant progress in natural language processing (NLP), and are utilized extensively in various applications. Recent works, such as chain-of-thought (CoT), have shown that intermediate reasoning steps can improve the performance of LLMs for complex reasoning tasks, such as math problems and symbolic question-answering tasks. However, we notice the challenge that LLMs face when it comes to temporal reasoning. Our preliminary experiments show that generating intermediate reasoning steps does not always boost the performance of complex temporal question-answering tasks. Therefore, we propose a novel framework that combines the extraction capability of LLMs and the logical reasoning capability of a Python solver to tackle this issue. Extensive experiments and analysis demonstrate the effectiveness of our framework in handling intricate time-bound reasoning tasks.


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