Unsupervised Extraction of Representative Concepts from Scientific Literature

by   Adit Krishnan, et al.

This paper studies the automated categorization and extraction of scientific concepts from titles of scientific articles, in order to gain a deeper understanding of their key contributions and facilitate the construction of a generic academic knowledgebase. Towards this goal, we propose an unsupervised, domain-independent, and scalable two-phase algorithm to type and extract key concept mentions into aspects of interest (e.g., Techniques, Applications, etc.). In the first phase of our algorithm we propose PhraseType, a probabilistic generative model which exploits textual features and limited POS tags to broadly segment text snippets into aspect-typed phrases. We extend this model to simultaneously learn aspect-specific features and identify academic domains in multi-domain corpora, since the two tasks mutually enhance each other. In the second phase, we propose an approach based on adaptor grammars to extract fine grained concept mentions from the aspect-typed phrases without the need for any external resources or human effort, in a purely data-driven manner. We apply our technique to study literature from diverse scientific domains and show significant gains over state-of-the-art concept extraction techniques. We also present a qualitative analysis of the results obtained.


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