UrbanBIS: a Large-scale Benchmark for Fine-grained Urban Building Instance Segmentation

by   Guoqing Yang, et al.

We present the UrbanBIS benchmark for large-scale 3D urban understanding, supporting practical urban-level semantic and building-level instance segmentation. UrbanBIS comprises six real urban scenes, with 2.5 billion points, covering a vast area of 10.78 square kilometers and 3,370 buildings, captured by 113,346 views of aerial photogrammetry. Particularly, UrbanBIS provides not only semantic-level annotations on a rich set of urban objects, including buildings, vehicles, vegetation, roads, and bridges, but also instance-level annotations on the buildings. Further, UrbanBIS is the first 3D dataset that introduces fine-grained building sub-categories, considering a wide variety of shapes for different building types. Besides, we propose B-Seg, a building instance segmentation method to establish UrbanBIS. B-Seg adopts an end-to-end framework with a simple yet effective strategy for handling large-scale point clouds. Compared with mainstream methods, B-Seg achieves better accuracy with faster inference speed on UrbanBIS. In addition to the carefully-annotated point clouds, UrbanBIS provides high-resolution aerial-acquisition photos and high-quality large-scale 3D reconstruction models, which shall facilitate a wide range of studies such as multi-view stereo, urban LOD generation, aerial path planning, autonomous navigation, road network extraction, and so on, thus serving as an important platform for many intelligent city applications.


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