Using statistical control charts to monitor duration-based performance of project

by   Nooshin Yousefi, et al.

Monitoring of project performance is a crucial task of project managers that significantly affect the project success or failure. Earned Value Management (EVM) is a well-known tool to evaluate project performance and effective technique for identifying delays and proposing appropriate corrective actions. The original EVM analysis is a monetary-based method and it can be misleading in the evaluation of the project schedule performance and estimation of the project duration. Earned Duration Management (EDM) is a more recent method which introduces metrics for the project schedule performance evaluation and improves EVM analysis. In this paper, we apply statistical control charts on EDM indices to better investigate the variations of project schedule performance. Control charts are decision support tools to detect the out of control performance. Usually project performance measurements are auto-correlated and not following the normal distribution. Hence, in this paper, a two-step adjustment framework is proposed to make the control charts applicable to non-normal and auto-correlated measurements. The case study project illustrates how the new method can be implemented in practice. The numerical results conclude that that employing control chart method along with analyzing the actual values of EDM indices increase the capability of project management teams to detect cost and schedule problems on time


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