Using Transformer based Ensemble Learning to classify Scientific Articles

by   Sohom Ghosh, et al.

Many time reviewers fail to appreciate novel ideas of a researcher and provide generic feedback. Thus, proper assignment of reviewers based on their area of expertise is necessary. Moreover, reading each and every paper from end-to-end for assigning it to a reviewer is a tedious task. In this paper, we describe a system which our team FideLIPI submitted in the shared task of SDPRA-2021 [14]. It comprises four independent sub-systems capable of classifying abstracts of scientific literature to one of the given seven classes. The first one is a RoBERTa [10] based model built over these abstracts. Adding topic models / Latent dirichlet allocation (LDA) [2] based features to the first model results in the second sub-system. The third one is a sentence level RoBERTa [10] model. The fourth one is a Logistic Regression model built using Term Frequency Inverse Document Frequency (TF-IDF) features. We ensemble predictions of these four sub-systems using majority voting to develop the final system which gives a F1 score of 0.93 on the test and validation set. This outperforms the existing State Of The Art (SOTA) model SciBERT's [1] in terms of F1 score on the validation set.Our codebase is available at


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