Using Twitter Attribute Information to Predict Stock Prices

by   Roderick Karlemstrand, et al.

Being able to predict stock prices might be the unspoken wish of stock investors. Although stock prices are complicated to predict, there are many theories about what affects their movements, including interest rates, news and social media. With the help of Machine Learning, complex patterns in data can be identified beyond the human intellect. In this thesis, a Machine Learning model for time series forecasting is created and tested to predict stock prices. The model is based on a neural network with several layers of LSTM and fully connected layers. It is trained with historical stock values, technical indicators and Twitter attribute information retrieved, extracted and calculated from posts on the social media platform Twitter. These attributes are sentiment score, favourites, followers, retweets and if an account is verified. To collect data from Twitter, Twitter's API is used. Sentiment analysis is conducted with VADER. The results show that by adding more Twitter attributes, the MSE between the predicted prices and the actual prices improved by 3 0.1437, which is an improvement of around 11 include that the selected stock has to be publicly listed on the stock market and popular on Twitter and among individual investors. Besides, the stock markets' opening hours differ from Twitter, which constantly available. It may therefore introduce noises in the model.


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