VER: Learning Natural Language Representations for Verbalizing Entities and Relations

by   Jie Huang, et al.

Entities and relationships between entities are vital in the real world. Essentially, we understand the world by understanding entities and relations. For instance, to understand a field, e.g., computer science, we need to understand the relevant concepts, e.g., machine learning, and the relationships between concepts, e.g., machine learning and artificial intelligence. To understand a person, we should first know who he/she is and how he/she is related to others. To understand entities and relations, humans may refer to natural language descriptions. For instance, when learning a new scientific term, people usually start by reading its definition in dictionaries or encyclopedias. To know the relationship between two entities, humans tend to create a sentence to connect them. In this paper, we propose VER: A Unified Model for Verbalizing Entities and Relations. Specifically, we attempt to build a system that takes any entity or entity set as input and generates a sentence to represent entities and relations, named “natural language representation”. Extensive experiments demonstrate that our model can generate high-quality sentences describing entities and entity relationships and facilitate various tasks on entities and relations, including definition modeling, relation modeling, and generative commonsense reasoning.


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