VideoDex: Learning Dexterity from Internet Videos

by   Kenneth Shaw, et al.

To build general robotic agents that can operate in many environments, it is often imperative for the robot to collect experience in the real world. However, this is often not feasible due to safety, time, and hardware restrictions. We thus propose leveraging the next best thing as real-world experience: internet videos of humans using their hands. Visual priors, such as visual features, are often learned from videos, but we believe that more information from videos can be utilized as a stronger prior. We build a learning algorithm, VideoDex, that leverages visual, action, and physical priors from human video datasets to guide robot behavior. These actions and physical priors in the neural network dictate the typical human behavior for a particular robot task. We test our approach on a robot arm and dexterous hand-based system and show strong results on various manipulation tasks, outperforming various state-of-the-art methods. Videos at


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