Voice-Based Conversational Agents and Knowledge Graphs for Improving News Search in Assisted Living

by   Phillip Schneider, et al.

As the healthcare sector is facing major challenges, such as aging populations, staff shortages, and common chronic diseases, delivering high-quality care to individuals has become very difficult. Conversational agents have shown to be a promising technology to alleviate some of these issues. In the form of digital health assistants, they have the potential to improve the everyday life of the elderly and chronically ill people. This includes, for example, medication reminders, routine checks, or social chit-chat. In addition, conversational agents can satisfy the fundamental need of having access to information about daily news or local events, which enables individuals to stay informed and connected with the world around them. However, finding relevant news sources and navigating the plethora of news articles available online can be overwhelming, particularly for those who may have limited technological literacy or health-related impairments. To address this challenge, we propose an innovative solution that combines knowledge graphs and conversational agents for news search in assisted living. By leveraging graph databases to semantically structure news data and implementing an intuitive voice-based interface, our system can help care-dependent people to easily discover relevant news articles and give personalized recommendations. We explain our design choices, provide a system architecture, share insights of an initial user test, and give an outlook on planned future work.


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