WinoGAViL: Gamified Association Benchmark to Challenge Vision-and-Language Models

by   Yonatan Bitton, et al.

While vision-and-language models perform well on tasks such as visual question answering, they struggle when it comes to basic human commonsense reasoning skills. In this work, we introduce WinoGAViL: an online game to collect vision-and-language associations, (e.g., werewolves to a full moon), used as a dynamic benchmark to evaluate state-of-the-art models. Inspired by the popular card game Codenames, a spymaster gives a textual cue related to several visual candidates, and another player has to identify them. Human players are rewarded for creating associations that are challenging for a rival AI model but still solvable by other human players. We use the game to collect 3.5K instances, finding that they are intuitive for humans (>90 but challenging for state-of-the-art AI models, where the best model (ViLT) achieves a score of 52 Our analysis as well as the feedback we collect from players indicate that the collected associations require diverse reasoning skills, including general knowledge, common sense, abstraction, and more. We release the dataset, the code and the interactive game, aiming to allow future data collection that can be used to develop models with better association abilities.


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