Zero-shot Preference Learning for Offline RL via Optimal Transport

by   Runze Liu, et al.

Preference-based Reinforcement Learning (PbRL) has demonstrated remarkable efficacy in aligning rewards with human intentions. However, a significant challenge lies in the need of substantial human labels, which is costly and time-consuming. Additionally, the expensive preference data obtained from prior tasks is not typically reusable for subsequent task learning, leading to extensive labeling for each new task. In this paper, we propose a novel zero-shot preference-based RL algorithm that leverages labeled preference data from source tasks to infer labels for target tasks, eliminating the requirement for human queries. Our approach utilizes Gromov-Wasserstein distance to align trajectory distributions between source and target tasks. The solved optimal transport matrix serves as a correspondence between trajectories of two tasks, making it possible to identify corresponding trajectory pairs between tasks and transfer the preference labels. However, learning directly from inferred labels that contains a fraction of noisy labels will result in an inaccurate reward function, subsequently affecting policy performance. To this end, we introduce Robust Preference Transformer, which models the rewards as Gaussian distributions and incorporates reward uncertainty in addition to reward mean. The empirical results on robotic manipulation tasks of Meta-World and Robomimic show that our method has strong capabilities of transferring preferences between tasks and learns reward functions from noisy labels robustly. Furthermore, we reveal that our method attains near-oracle performance with a small proportion of scripted labels.


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