ZeroSearch: Local Image Search from Text with Zero Shot Learning

by   Jatin Nainani, et al.

The problem of organizing and finding images in a user's directory has become increasingly challenging due to the rapid growth in the number of images captured on personal devices. This paper presents a solution that utilizes zero shot learning to create image queries with only user provided text descriptions. The paper's primary contribution is the development of an algorithm that utilizes pre-trained models to extract features from images. The algorithm uses OWL to check for the presence of bounding boxes and sorts images based on cosine similarity scores. The algorithm's output is a list of images sorted in descending order of similarity, helping users to locate specific images more efficiently. The paper's experiments were conducted using a custom dataset to simulate a user's image directory and evaluated the accuracy, inference time, and size of the models. The results showed that the VGG model achieved the highest accuracy, while the Resnet50 and InceptionV3 models had the lowest inference time and size. The papers proposed algorithm provides an effective and efficient solution for organizing and finding images in a users local directory. The algorithm's performance and flexibility make it suitable for various applications, including personal image organization and search engines. Code and dataset for zero-search are available at:


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