The Impact of Human Microbiome in the Cause, Prevention and Treatment of Several Cancers

by   MAJ Dr. Sorush niknamian, et al.

This review discusses the major role of Microbiome and its procedure in the prevention and the cause of some important cancers. Nearly 30 trillion bacterial cells are living in or on each human. In addition to digestion, microbes are also supported by immune function, metabolism, and reproduction. While microbes play an important role in maintaining human health and vice Versa. There are some major Bacteria play main roles in causing many cancer types. Helicobacter pylori (H. pylori) causes breast and skin cancers. F. nucleatum induces an inflammatory response and activation of cancer-promoting genes. The activation of these genes was found to increase the rate of proliferation in colorectal cells. The human papillomavirus (HPV) is responsible for nearly all cases of anal and cervical cancer. These viruses are also responsible for many cases of mouth and throat cancers. Several studies, however, have found F. nucleatum in colorectal adenomas and advanced-stage colorectal cancer. All types of pathogens cause inflammation and correlate with cell proliferation (damaging mitochondria in the cell) which causes cell apoptosis and results in human diseases mainly cancer that discussed in this review. There are also some microbes are under investigation in the control and treatment of cancer which has been gone through in the article.


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